5 Keys To A Successful Employee Recognition Program

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Business Services

Employee retention is very important for every organization and recognition is the key tool to retain employees.

But most employers, even if they know the importance of employee recognition programs at workplace, cannot get employee recognition get done right. To be successful, every recognition program should follow a few simple guidelines.

Here are a few things that can help you promote a successful employee recognition program at your organization.

1. Identify The Objectives Of The Recognition Program
One of the most crucial things to keep in mind before implementing any program in your organization is to have a clear understanding of why the program is being implemented in the first place. If you implement a recognition program only because your competitors are doing it, then the program has lost its meaning already.

So, before you start an employee recognition program, identify the objectives of it. Make a list of end goals that you want to achieve with this program. These goals should make you and your employees realize why they are being a part of this initiative.

2. Establish A Structure
For any big plan to work, a structure is crucial. Plan and set budget for the program and organize the entire program to fall under this structure. Structure also requires you to set a pattern for your recognition programs.

For Example: An organization awards “points” for good work and employees can later redeem their points for store merchandise

Another organization made the recognition program a little more fun by setting a goodie box where all the employees put a gift and get to draw a gift from the box.

In this way, establish a structure for your recognition program depending on the industry your organization belongs to.

3. Promotional Communication
A recognition program is of no use if it doesn’t encourage employee engagement. Promote the recognition program in your workplace and get an opportunity to communicate with your employees. These promotional activities also allow employees to communicate with each other and this creates a healthy workplace culture too.

4. Seek Continuous Feedback
Don’t stop with just promoting the recognition program. Encourage new ideas from your employees and ask for continuous feedback about it. Also consider their ideas and change the program structure if majority of them want it to be different from the way it is structured.

5. Keep It Creative
Last but not the least, do not be old school. Make it creative. Do not over-stretch the budget; rewards can be non-cash too. It is the gesture that’s important!

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