A Complete Set of Tools for Your Technicians

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Software Company

When you have a member of your staff out in the field servicing a customer it will be incredibly helpful to them if they have a software suite at their fingertips. They can generate quotes, schedule appointments, analyze the load of a home, access the AHRI parts database and many other tools to make their day easier. Every aspect of their visit to a client’s home that can be streamlined and simplified will only lead to a more efficient employee and a happier customer.

Your Employees Can More Easily Figure Out a Customer’s Needs

The HVAC Business Solutions software comes with a load analyzer in order for your technicians to figure out what system would best provide their clients with what they need. With it’s integration into an online database the tech is able to get some information like the square footage of a home, age, number of bedrooms and more. It will then calculate and figure out the best system in order to give the customer the environment they want for their home. Upon completion of this process a five-page document is then created which can be presented to the customer. This is just one more way to make the sales process easier for your employees. The clients will see the proof directly before their eyes and will have confidence in their purchase.

The Next Step Is the Quote

The next step in the sales process is to generate a quote for the client. This is made easier because the software is connected to the AHRI database. By having this integration your technicians can more easily add parts or systems to a quote to present to the customer. This data is kept up to date and will not only give pricing information to the client but provide your technician with a wealth of information to explain to them. The more information that a client is provided with, the more comfortable they are in completing a sale.

The Last Step Is Scheduling

Once the client has been given a quote and has approved the sale the technician can then schedule an appointment to have the work done. The ticket service will keep the company up to date and efficient in how their staff operates during the day. This means a more productive work day from your employees.

If you would like to learn more speak to the experts at Enterprise Selling Solutions who have gone to great lengths to create a complete software solution for people in the HVAC industry.

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