Why You Need Service Shop Software

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Software Company

The Automotive repair shop business is booming and always seems to be essential. As long as people drive vehicles, they are going to need someone to maintain and fix them. Therefore, it makes sense that you make it easier on your staff, the customers, and yourself by using service shop software. For one, it can help you streamline business operations so that you have more time for other tasks. Along with such, your customers are happier because they get professional-looking receipts and fewer headaches when requesting service.


Technicians likely have to look up information about parts and more because each vehicle is different. They can’t be expected to remember every part of every car. Therefore, if your service shop software includes information about a variety of vehicles (or you can install the manuals), they can quickly look up the information they need and get to work.

Along with such, they can also use the system to generate estimates for time and parts. That way, when a customer wants to know how much it costs to get the issue fixed, they get a detailed list of everything so that they can make an informed decision.

Make Life Easier

Of course, the technicians are going to love the software, but the front office can also utilize it, as well. They can schedule appointments faster, look up customer information and store new customers in the database.

They also don’t have to deal with filing paperwork, as it’s all kept neat and organized in a database, either in the Cloud or on your hard drive. That way, you’ve got access to the information whenever you need it. Plus, they can also create an inventory of what’s in stock, order products quickly, and ensure that the shop runs smoothly. Contact eGenuity for more information.

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