How Technology Improves Fundraising for Nonprofit Organization in Cleveland, OH

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Cybersecurity

Technology has revolutionized the nonprofit industry. Nonprofit organizations can choose from various tech solutions made specifically for their industry. However, they must have multiple streams of income to keep their organization afloat. Read to find out how to improve fundraising with IT service for business Cleveland, OH.

Improve Efficiency

Nonprofit organizations have to work hard and need access to small business IT Services in Cleveland, OH, for efficient workflow. CRM software is one of the ways to make fundraising easier. It should have the following features:

• Donor management

• Campaign creation

• Event management

Keep Track of Information

An effective fundraising strategy requires understanding your donors. IT service for business in Cleveland, OH, can help you keep track of information that allows you to understand your donors. Nonprofit organizations need to know various details, such as donor giving histories, reports on donor trends, and mailing lists.

Protect Sensitive Information

Nonprofit organizations must get serious about cybersecurity because of collecting and storing private information. Your donors want to feel secure when using your small business IT services in Cleveland, OH. A third party can compromise your data security. Cybersecurity can help you assess your risks and protect your information from unauthorized disclosure.

Fundraising is how nonprofits are funded, but it is more complex than just asking for donations. The donations are used to fund different projects offered by the nonprofit organization. These projects include grants, individual giving, sponsorships, fee-for-service, and other ventures. Contact On Technology Partners to find out more.

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