The Value of Digital Menu Boards for Your Business

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Business Services

Do you spend a considerable amount of time updating your menus or printing posters about promotions that you are running? Maybe it’s been years since you even thought-out making a change to your menus. Are you looking for ways to retain customers and attract a new audience to your café or restaurant chain? You don’t need to worry because there is way to save time and attract more consumers using digital menus.

Why Restaurant Owners Should have Digital Menu Boards?

A digital menu board shows a more realistic expectation of what does food looks like, engages your visitors and gives your restaurant the opportunity to draw people in and make them hungry. A digital menu gives restaurants better control over where the customer’s eyes go and what food product you want to promote. Digital menu signage allows you to take advantage of video and animated gifs as well. In many cases you can also entertain and educate people waiting in line or walking by restaurant depending on the placement of your digital signage. If you are looking for ideas and strategies we recommend TJG Digital Signs.

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Without Digital Menus You Could Be Limiting your Opportunities

Restaurants without digital menus are not able to be as informative and it takes a certain amount of time to update menus manually. This process can be automated to change the menu details on autopilot which allows you to show different items during different dats of the week or different times during the day.

After investing in Digital Menu Boards, restaurant owner no longer have to send regular promotions and menu changes to your printers. Their front-line staff often half to be relied upon to take down and replace old poster boards and update standard menus. Why no simply save on hard costs and involve fewer people at the same time.

With Digital Menu Boards not only cut the printer out of the picture, but your design gets easier and more enticing. You can literally control the user experience and push your high profit food items using digital signage software. It’s simple to learn and run, so it can cut out the hassle and improve food sales too.

Display Face book feed to enhance content and encourage customers to like the page, show a calendar of upcoming events, and set up schedules to show the right content at the right time of the day and week. These are just a few great ideas you can try.

Digital menus entertain customers. A digital display outside your restaurant is more likely to draw in someone walking by than a menu with black marker with handwriting on it. A digital menu boards offer the opportunity to bring your restaurant or café menu to life. It goes beyond listing the items available for choosing — it can include enticing videos, bold graphics, listed specials, and everything else you want your customers to be familiar with. In some areas, it’s required by law to list calorie content — what a mess this small print would make all over your traditional menus! Digital Menus make it easy and clear to read.

The Powerful Role of Digital Menu Boards in Marketing

Digital menu boards can do a lot more things such as:

  •  Display different menu items given the time of day or circumstance
  • Broadcast product commercials
  • Inform customers of ongoing promotions
  • Assist customers in choosing the right product
  • Televise programming relating to the product such as infomercials
  • Entertain customers while they wait in line
  • Involve customers with interactive programs that promote the product

Whether it’s enticing patrons to choose to eat at a particular restaurant, messaging to reflect the appropriate meal of the day, promoting higher margin menu items or ensuring consistency of messaging around the country from a central location, dynamic digital menu boards offer significant advantages to restaurant managers over traditionally displayed menus. Perhaps now is the time to put those advantages to work at your restaurant before the establishment down the block does.

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