Why Digital menu boards are so popular in 2017

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Business Services

Digital menu boards will expand your productivity, reduce your line time and reinforce your customer’s experience. But if that’s now not enough reason to invest in this proven science, listed here are 6 more reasons to consider switching to digital menus for your restaurant:

1. Immediate Updates

Whilst you plan to update your menu if you go digital all modifications can be much faster. Instead of paying to have a high priced overhaul of your standard signage any time a price changes or an item is added or removed, a digital menu boards can handle this change very quickly without spending time and money doing it the old fashion way. Make your signage digital, automated, and electronic. Plus, having a menu board that is digital that updates immediately will prevent any customer that sees an old outdated price or menu item that you no longer sell.

2. Digital Signage is Competitive

The cost to Invest in digital menu boards has gone way way down compared to 2002 and 2003. Spend a few extra bucks more than what you spend on a standard boring menu sign and you will gain huge productivity and effectiveness in return.

3. Increase Your Revenue Opportunities

Digital menus and menu boards these days are being used more often at QSRs. The benefit they are seeing when they have installed indoor digital menus noticed a 5-8% in higher earnings. Due to the fact nearly all of shoppers are using the digital menus to order in many instances, versus the within counter.

4. Customer Appeal

Seventy four percent of QSR shoppers want a digital menu that’s effortless to use at their table. In fact, that seventy four percent listed it as their prime reason for visiting these restaurants. It’s time to offer your patrons precisely what they need and want; a digital menu board at their table!

5. Updateable and Customizable

The digital menu signage today, comes with a cloud-based platform that permits you to replace and customize and update many digital boards in minutes. If you have a franchise, for instance, a centralized digital menu board system that TJG digital signs offers can help you keep your messaging consistent across all your locations. You can spotlight the “Meal of the Day!” or showcase the item you want to sell the most of that month.

Being in a position to update and customize your digital menus automatically makes it possible for you to confirm your messaging is working and, if it’s not, to speedily alternate and update as needed.

6. Up Sell Opportunities Are Limitless

Do you know that the design concept of your menu board can impact the way buyers order meals? In fact, if you offer consumers high-profile combos or other high profit items prominently on your menu, you will have to situation those get chosen very often without even looking at a paper menu. Photos speak louder than words – and showing them what their meal will appear like works to your potential. Provide them factors to buy more from you!

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