Improve Your Business with a Phone Charging Kiosk

by | May 9, 2014 | Business software

The goal of every business owner is to improve sales while also improving their customers’ experience in their store. Increased signage, sales, coupons, or special deals can only go so far to entice people into your place of business, but a phone charging kiosk takes the needs of passersby and gives you the ability to fulfill those needs. This convenient services attracts people inside when they are low on battery and don’t have access to a quick charge. When you provide that convenience, you gain loyal customers that may choose to return to your store time and again.

Increase Revenue

The majority of the people who live in the United States use cell phones. Between texting, calling, or using social media, many consumers spend hours on their phones every day, which can result in a dying battery at an inopportune time. When people are out and about with no way to get a charge, they will often look for a solution. A phone charging kiosk allows you to be that solution. Instead of leaving your store to find a charger, they can easy plug in to your kiosk and spend more time shopping. When customers are not busy using their phones, they may even pay more attention to the products you have available in your store.

Attract Customers

Bringing customers inside your store is essential if you want to make money. It can be difficult to reach shoppers who don’t usually frequent your place of business, but when you have something they need they are much more likely to drop in. A phone charging kiosk placed in a high-traffic area can serve as a beacon for new customers. Other retailers often don’t have the ability to allow their customers to charge their phones while they shop, so if you do you are able to take business from your competition.

Easy Advertising

Paying for advertising can be expensive. A phone charging kiosk can serve as a low-cost alternative to traditional advertising options. Some come with built in screens that allow you to show off your store while you provide a service to your customers. Chances are someone who desperately needs to charge their phone will remember what store they used the next time they have a battery emergency.

In a world of constantly increasing smartphone usage, a phone charging kiosk can be a big benefit to your business when you want to improve. By providing potential customers with a convenient service like a phone charging kiosk, you build a trust that often results in loyalty from returning customers.

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