What You Should Expect from School Administration Software in India

by | May 19, 2014 | Software

Schools have many students, faculty members, events, and administrative issues that they have to manage to keep up with changes, costs, and other elements of operating a school. School Administration Software in India provides a simple way to keep track of the school’s administration and finances. The following will cover things you should expect from this kind of software.

The Basics

School management software should be secure, user-friendly, comprehensive, collaborative, intuitive, scalable, customizable, and it should provide ample premium support. It should cover areas of attendance, admissions, examinations, evaluations, and other modules to cover all the functions the school has to manage.

Enterprise Features

The admin interface for this software should include student and academic modules. Zippro School Administration Software in India embraces a full range of modules in the following areas.

1) Academic – Setup for academic year, and courses, departments. Timetables for attendance, absence, and holidays. Admissions for assignment term, registration, and students admitted.

2) Students – Enquiries, registration, admission, term entry, withdrawals, termination, completed, details, and enrollment.

3) Inventory – Product category, suppliers’ names and details, and purchase order details.

4) Accounting – Setup for accounting parameters. Transaction entry and details. Reports like ledger summaries and balance sheets. Fee management for school lunches and events. Payroll management.

5) Library – A centralized system for master records, book records, transactions, and reporting.

6) Hostel – This is for managing other buildings on the campus.

7) Human Resources – This area manages current teacher, support, and admin staffing, vacancies, and other HR activities.

8) Timetable – Creating, editing, printing, and managing all kinds of timetables.

9) Specified Departments – Admin, assignment, document management, e-learning, reports, extras, parents logins, student logins, and a front end interface should be included with School Administration Software in India.

A professional set of features similar to the Enterprise features should be in place that will include some extras for larger schools where needed. All of these features provide you, your teachers, school authorities, parents, students, and website visitors with a level of access appropriate for security and safety. Zippro System Pvt. Ltd. provide quality and custom solutions for school management software programs.

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