Two Ways to Get Good Reviews for Your Mobile Phone Apps

by | May 9, 2014 | Business software

Mobile phone apps are great whether you use them as a marketing tool, or your build your business around them. One important aspect of any app is getting good reviews. The reviews are important for all apps, but they are especially critical for paid apps. The real question is how to get the good reviews your business needs. Two important steps to capture good reviews are: hire professionals to properly design your apps, and use strategy when asking for reviews.

It is common sense that a quality app receives better reviews than a poorly designed app. The most important way to get good reviews is to consider customer needs in the design phase. Professionally-designed apps are superior to those designed by novices, making the investment in a good design team worthwhile. Do not fall prey to the temptation to save a few dollars in the design phase by cutting corners. Without professional designers, your app is likely to have glitches and to appear low-quality. Make your apps as professional as the rest of your business by hiring a good design team to do the work.

You will get far more reviews when you ask for them, as opposed to waiting for users to seek out the opportunity to review your mobile phone apps. However, use strategy when you ask for reviews. Interrupting your users is rarely a good idea. Find a logical time for your review popups, when your users are less likely to feel the interruption, and do not ask for reviews too often. If users feel as though they are asked to review the app every time they use it, they are more likely to be frustrated by the requests. Give users a reason to fill out the review. Gaming apps can use reviews to unlock levels or offer bonus lives. Other types of apps are more difficult to give rewards to users, but drawings and other incentives are still possible.

Good reviews are the lifeblood of mobile phone apps. Whether you have one app on the market or hundreds, each new app deserves the consideration needed to make it the highest quality possible. Quality starts with the design, and a professional designer is best suited to make your app successful. Integral to the review process, is the need to ask for your reviews in strategic ways. When you pay attention to the little extras such as these, your apps are higher quality and good reviews come naturally.

Reviews contribute to the success of your mobile phone apps. Get good reviews for your mobile phone apps by seeking help from a professional apps design team and strategically asking for the reviews.

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