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by | Apr 9, 2013 | Software

You have visions of a successful business that supports you and your family and enables you to work for yourself for the rest of your life. In order to make those visions reality, you must have an Internet presence. This means more than slapping some words on a page and hoping people will find your site and read it. It takes the intricate process of search engine optimization in Atlanta to ensure you have the exact wording in the right places and have used all the necessary techniques to get your website and company noticed and well liked.

Keywords and Their Usage

Keywords are the words consumers use to find companies like yours in the search engines. First, you need to determine what the most searched words are in your industry. Once you know the words, you have to understand where to use them. Overuse can penalize your website and even ban it from ranking because it is considered use of unethical methods to try to rank for those words.

Locations of the Keywords

The placement of your keywords is just as important as where you use them online in Search engine optimization in Atlanta. They should obviously be used on your website content, but they also need to be incorporated in titles, meta tags, images and throughout outside links, such as social media pages. Each of your pages and social media accounts also need to contain links to your most important web pages within your site to give the search engines more confidence in your important pages.

Fluid Content

If you have ever read content that has random keywords stuffed throughout the page, you have witnessed keyword stuffing and understand how displeasing it can be read. Not only are your keywords meant to entice Google to crawl your website and index it, they are meant to provide a fluid flow of words on your pages to entice consumers to want to read more and learn more about your company.

Taking your business idea into reality takes a lot of work and careful thought. If you have not considered the use of the Internet to promote your business, you could lose out on a large amount of potential business. If search engine optimization in Atlanta is not something you understand, you should hire a company that specializes in it to receive the most successful results.

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