The Multiple Benefits of USPS Address Verification

by | May 2, 2013 | Software

If you own or operate a business that sends out a great deal of regular mail, whether it’s for marketing and advertising purposes or whether you send out packages to existing clients, you may want to consider having a system in place to verify the addresses of the mail you send out. While this may not be something that many businesses give a great deal of consideration to, using USPS Address Verification software has its fair share of benefits. While this type of software isn’t often the first thing you think about, if you’re sending out a great deal of mail, it should be.

The first benefit to using this type of address verification software is that it helps you reduce the amount of return mail your business may get when sending out packages or standard Postal Service letters. If you start receiving a great deal of return mail, this could lead you to spinning your wheels if you’re looking to get out important marketing or sales information to existing or potential clients.

In addition to cutting back numbers of return mail that you receive, you also save money by spotting addresses that are not valid. When an address comes up not valid, no information will be sent and you can save money on your postage costs. While one or two flagged addresses may not make a big difference in the cost of your business postage, over the long run, especially if you’re getting a great deal of return mail, this can be a significant savings for your business.

Lastly, when you enter addresses into your database using address verification, you are helping to improve the accuracy and quality of that information. Having addresses in your database that are no longer valid can make accurately sending postage more difficult and it can take up valuable space in your database that can be used for updated and accurate information.

If your business makes a point of sending out large amounts of mail, you may want to consider streamlining this process with USPS Address Verification software. Whether it’s improving the accuracy of the addresses held in your database or saving money by reducing the amount of return mail your business receives, this type of verification software can really pay off for your business.

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