No More No Shows

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Software

Does your office or company tend to have a significant number of people not show up for appointments or meetings? This can hurt a company in the long run because that time frame could have been taken by someone else. Some people have created the brilliant idea of making reminding customers easier than having a receptionist or another office staff member call each individual person. There are multiple ways to remind your clients or customers.

Email Reminders
You can send out email reminders to anyone that has an appointment coming up. With some software products, you can choose for it to send a certain template to someone who has an appointment within a certain number of days. These reminders will typically include a hyperlink so that your customer can confirm that they have an appointment, ensuring that they have seen the email.

Text Reminders
Text appointment reminders will reach your customers faster than an email reminder in most cases. Some software companies even offer the option for your customers to reply that they would like to receive a call, or to just confirm that they have seen the reminder. This option could be one of the better ones because many people always have their phone within five feet of them, so they are sure to see them.

Phone Call Reminders
You can also set up an automated phone message that will call your customers or clients to alert them that they have an upcoming appointment. Many of these automated systems will just leave a voice mail if there is no answer, or allow the person to call back and confirm their appointment. When a customer receives a phone call reminder, they are usually prompted to press a certain number to confirm their appointment. Some automated systems will also state the customer’s name when calling. Visit ITFrontDesk.

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