Learn about Merge Purge Software and Why You Need It

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Software

Merge Purge software is another way to get address standardization for the United States Postal Service mailings. Businesses need this type of software so that they can ensure their mailing lists are free from errors and are in the standardized form that USPS offices prefer. This allows them to get bulk discounts and spend less time getting out important mail. Merge Purge is a system that provides management of your mailing list and ensures there are unduplicated and properly segmented mailings.

Merge Purge for Consumer Mailings

This type of software will make sure that there is only one standardized address for every location and address in your mailing list. If multiple addresses are found, they will be merged together and individual listings will be purged.

Merge Purge options will also provide one space for each household. This way, you do not have multiple mailings for each individual if you are choosing to send out one item per household (bulk mailings). It will also sort the listings for individuals in the same household, in case you want to mail to one or more individuals living in the same household. This works well for bill payment requests and reminders for services.

Merge/Purge for Business-to-Business

Many businesses send mail to other businesses. With this software, you will have one specific standardized address for each company and will have subcategories for each title of person in the company (such as all managers or all salaried employees). You can also have a subcategory for each individual company contact. It will be easy to sort and find exactly the people or companies you wish to send correspondence to with the merge purge software.

Perfect Address Hygiene

Just like our physical bodies need to be cleaned continuously, so does our US mail. You can have more targeted mailing lists for direct mail campaigns with merge/purge software because it will do more than just remove same items and merge two addresses or names together into one line. It will also help with ZIP code corrections and provide you with CASS and NCOA-link services.

Standardizing your addresses will make it easier to print and mail your items. These items will already be perfectly coded for automatic sorting in the USPS offices, meaning your mail will go through quicker. The USPS is happier when your outgoing mail is perfected because it saves them time. Therefore, they are willing to provide you a discount on bulk or direct mail.

Merge Purge software is in high demand for many businesses to clean up old addresses and have smoother mailing lists.

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