How to Utilize Graphic Design Marketing to Brand Your Company

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Computers and Internet

You may have heard that websites need to help brand your company or give your brand a voice. What does this mean? How do you give your brand a voice online? How do you make users notice your brand online when there are hundreds of other sites offering similar products or services?

Simply put, branding is taking your product or service and giving it a reputation. Are you known for being the high-end version of a product or service? Have you earned a reputation for reliability, great customer service, or budget friendly services? However you’ve portrayed yourself to users, and how they perceive you, is your brand’s voice. So how do you emphasize your brand and make it stand out? One place you can start is your company’s graphic design. Alberta website designers can work with you to create a website that not only advertises your products or services, but emphasizes your brand, as well.

Be Consistent with Layout and Design

Do not try to veer off the beaten path when designing your website. If you have a logo, tag line, trademark, or specific colours that customers are already familiar with, don’t avoid using it on your website. Customers become familiar with the colours and graphics they see on any of your business cards, stationary, or other marketing tools, so integrating those same features into your website design will insure customers recognize your business online.

Use Your Brand All Over the Web

When it comes to graphic design, Alberta website marketing firms can help you implement a strategic marketing plan to use on various sites throughout the web. Social media is one of the best ways to market your brand to people all over the world. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can integrate with your website to create a one-click marketing campaign that makes it easy for users to find you all over the web. The key is to always provide information and keep customers engaged with your brand in order to see results.

When designing your website, make sure the layout and design are aesthetically pleasing while serving the functions you need at the same time. Market to your target audience and you won’t have a problem building your brand and giving your company an online presence.

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