Warehouse Know-How: Keeping Forklifts in Repair

by | Jan 4, 2019 | equipment

There is no such thing as set-it-and-forget-it warehouse equipment and heavy equipment. Keeping your operation moving at a steady pace depends on keeping your gear in good repair with regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. This is especially true with high-dollar investments such as forklifts, pallet jacks, hydraulic lifters, and other heavy-duty items.

If maintenance cannot be done in-house, then looking outside to Orange County companies that specialize in heavy equipment and forklift repairs should be a priority.

Just Like a Checkup

Major manufacturers like Toyota have planned maintenance schedules that tell you exactly what needs to be done to maintain your forklift in peak condition. No matter where you purchased or forklift, and whether it is new or used, it needs to be regularly assessed, maintained, and repaired to operate safely.

It also goes without saying that operators must complete training and evaluation to operate a forklift, or if still in training do not operate the equipment where it can endanger the operator or other employees. Moreover, the operator should be trained in inspecting their vehicle and assessing its condition and state of repair. This way they can bring problems to your attention before the equipment is irretrievably damaged or employees injured as a result of deferred maintenance.

Plan to Keep It Moving!

Don’t neglect your equipment to save money and instead incur costly forklift repairs and downtime when preventive maintenance can help to keep you running strong. If you think maintenance is expensive, then try a few days of not having your forklift operational.

Downtime is costly and causes a ripple effect up and downstream from your operation as paid-for product sits unable to be received or shipped in a timely fashion. Call Select Equipment of Orange County and schedule an equipment assessment, maintenance, and repairs for your forklift.

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