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by | Oct 9, 2013 | Software

Are you a small business shipper? Do you need to save time and money? Of course you do. One way you can accomplish this is to abandon the vestiges of old shipping practices and adopt small business shipping software solutions.

You may have heard about Microsoft dynamics shipping software or other similar names. They will help you improve and build-up your business by reducing costs and increasing your reputation for reliability. The question is “What shipping software will be good for your small business?”

Small Business Shipping Considerations

As a small business, one of your priorities will be cost. This does not mean you should go with the least expensive software available. It may be cheap initially but be costly over time. What you need to do is look at what your company needs. This means sitting down and talking with your staff – no matter how small or large, and compiling a list of essential requirements. Look at the following as a brief guideline for making a decision:

* Is the software compatible with your existing system? For instance, could you utilize Microsoft dynamics shipping software or similar products with the current shipping software?

* Do you want to ally yourself with a single or multiple carriers? The former may be able to give you lower rates for exclusivity; the other may result in increased satisfaction among clients who like choice.

* How much do you want the shipping software systems to take on? Do you want it to produce labels as well as set preferences for your clients, feed information to the accounting department, handle import/export paperwork and keep track of all shipments? Software is capable of doing all this and more. The question is whether you need it and whether it will be an effective tool in your own particular small business.

* Make sure the software you decide upon can easily be upgraded. It must also be capable of enhancements as well as integration. You may not want to think about it, but you will need to upgrade or enhance the shipping technology if you want to continue to operate smoothly and keep the clients happy.

Research your needs thoroughly and compare them with product reviews. Talk to other small business. Make sure you have painstakingly done your homework within and without your small business before you even meet with representatives. This will help you obtain the right software system for your small business.

Preventing Mistakes in Shipping

When it comes to moving products from point A to Point B, small and large mistakes can slow down and impede the progress of any small business. Putting into place the right shipping software, whether it is relying on Microsoft dynamics shipping software, SAP solutions or similar technology will help the small business to succeed in a very competitive market.

Microsoft Dynamics Shipping Software is one option to improve and enhance the overall shipping experience of client and business alike. At Nexxio, with over 20 years of experience, we can introduce you to the best option for you and your company – large or small.

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