IT Services: Keeping Tabs on the Right Place

by | Nov 19, 2011 | Software

IT ServicesAfter the advent of computers, the course of human evolution changed forever and the world welcomed the beginning of a new age-The Age of Information Technology! The growth of IT was exponential and in a very short span the world was amazed by the power of computers. Their impact on everyday life has been enormous . As IT grew in size, like in every industry, there came a need to regulate their functionality. This is where IT services started playing their role. They now make sure that the Quality of services and their relationship with customers maintain a certain necessary standard.

IT services or IT service management is not owned by a particular authority or company but is administered by varied IT sectors to ensure improvement in the products and maximum customer satisfaction. Their role works parallel to those of business models like Six Sigma model or CMMI or ISO Standardization. With increase in globalization, the world has become a small place and exchange of ideas has become a speedy activity due to which many models and companies undertaking IT Services exist even though they have similar underlying framework or share common standards of quality. Such services can be seen to be analogous to Enterprise Resource Planning.

IT Services do not concern themselves with the software being made or the hardware used; instead operational architecture is the undermining factor. IT Service Management is often compared with the IT Infrastructure Library, (ITIL) an official publication of the Office of Government Commerce in the UK. Frameworks like COBIT and ISO 20000 are created for quality assessment and maturity of company in handling development of products. IT Services are provided by many local companies and even Fortune 500 IT giants like Accenture, Infosys, etc. As the competition in IT companies and need for products are ever increasing, such services are bound to play a crucial role in the future.

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