Industrial Rackmount Servers for a Powerfully Flawless Performance

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Computers in a rackmount are servers arranged sequentially within racks so that they may perform numerous operations continuously. Rackmount servers tend to be space saving and are built to utilize high performance computer components with many options. This type of computer architecture is rugged and made to last a long time. Typically it is used in the industrial field and can be custom built to house different features depending on the business it is customized to fit. Production and manufacturing units are expected to keep businesses in operation by carrying out various processes in even the most rugged atmospheres. This requires that a rackmount server has good air circulation with optimized cooling hardware.

Configurable Size Matters

A configurable rackmount system has the option of including twenty slots to meet application needs, with the ability to expand. Servers come in sizes from 1U to 7U and can be purchased depending on the exact size needed. All Industrial rackmount servers are designed to work best in harsh environments. This also makes them more than suitable for applications that are quite demanding in the technical areas of process control, transportation and building automation, as well as industrial automation.

Servers for Sensitive Working Environments

An industrial rackmount server can operate rather quietly; at its loudest it reaches 35dBA. This makes it suitable for work environments that are noise sensitive. Such environments include control rooms, video surveillance rooms, and places where professional A/V equipment is in operation. When coupled with Intel technology such as Turbo Boost and Intel Advanced Vector Extensions, an industrial rackmount server allows an application to use calculations that are vectorial, and more rapid floating point processes with a far lower consumption of power. With this technology in place, a server is also better suited for image processing in the medical industry, which is good for use in sonar and radar systems. While the need for an industrial rackmount server may differ per type of use, high performance servers fit best with enterprise, commercial and industrial applications.

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