Hosted VoIP Phone System for Small or Large businesses

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Software

Most business owners are tired of spending huge amounts of money every year on traditional phone systems. The service is expensive, the call quality is not always good, and price of service and equipment keep going up. Some businesses have learned that VOIP is a great way to save money and improve the quality of service they have for communication. If a Hosted VoIP and Phone System sounds like a good option Contact Curtis Burnside for Hosted VoIP Phone Solutions. Hosted VOIP is a phone service that includes all the things you would expect from your on-site PBX, the phone company, and more. The call quality is excellent, all the services like call waiting, voice mail, call forwarding and caller ID are available for less than what the phone company charges.

The options for VOIP are more flexible, and come with a lot more than most businesses are used to. A Hosted VoIP Phone System allows a company to get the service they need now, and once their needs grow they can upgrade their service without having to buy new equipment or invest in a new PBX. Annual service contracts are a thing of the past, and ridiculous phone bills won’t be a worry anymore. Companies can spend their time worrying about what makes them successful, let Veritivity worry about keeping the phones working. More and more companies are switching to VOIP, and there’s a good reason for that. VOIP offers everything they want and it costs less than a traditional phone system.

Hosted VoIP services are a great thing for smaller companies, or for companies who have never had a VOIP system installed before. Hosted services use the new IP handsets, or soft phones on a PC along with your existing wiring in the building to connect calls that are routed through a PBX in the cloud. The service provider will have all the PBX servers at their data center, and the customer will be able to receive calls just like usual. The only difference will be a lower bill, more functionality and the quality of service. With a hosted VOIP service companies won’t have to worry about buying unnecessary equipment or paying a local phone vendor to service the new phone system.

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