Help your attendees get acquainted with the host city using an iPad conference app

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Computers and Internet

Arriving in a city that you aren’t familiar with can be a bit unsettling, even for an experienced traveler. To make attendees at your next conference feel right at home you can add sections to your iPad conference app that will provide them with maps, information, ideas and even comments from local people attending the conference for good places to go, eat and see.

The Power of the App

The power of having these types of apps is that it not only helps your out of town guests, but you can also use it to create a more welcoming atmosphere and boost your attendance at your next conference as participants go home and talk about the wonderful time that they had.

In addition, and this is a bit easier to measure, you can also create a revenue stream through advertising. Each local business, entertainment venue, hotel or restaurant that wants to be listed on your app could pay a modest fee for the advertising. This would allow them to upload an image, link to their website or even put their menu online for everyone to see.


An extra feature that’s really handy for both attendees and businesses using the iPad conference app is to have the mapping feature. This will not only include maps of the conference and rooms, but it can include maps showing each of the categories of surrounding attractions such as bars, restaurants, coffee shops & amusement parks.


Having an app-based profile page for each attendee is also a great idea to welcome individuals. It can contain just the basic information that automatically populates the app when the register, then they can access their own app profile page and make additions. Attendees can link to their social networking sites, include contact information, or even upload an image or a photo that really personalizes their profile. Attendees can control how much information is shared and edit the information in real-time.

The more that people can interact with an iPad conference app to learn about other attendees, speakers and the area the more welcome they will feel. It also has the option to generate review for the event and promote local businesses, which is ways a win-win situation. For more details, visit

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