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by | Feb 13, 2014 | Software

Android is a mobile device operating system which is based on Linux. Smartphones, tablets and mini laptops often have the android operating system preinstalled on them. The android operating system is usually recognized by the green robot logo. Android was also supported financially by Google until it bought it in 2005. In 2008 the HTC Dream phone was the first smartphone to run the android operating system and it was released on 22nd October of that year. The idea of the Android operating system is based largely on the idea of manipulation that allows the user to pinch, reverse pinch, twist, swipe and tap the screen to achieve the result they which in the program, application or game they are in.

Android is also licensed to other devices such as Kobo e-readers and other tablet and mobile devices. The license allows users to modify the software to suit the device in which the programs are being installed and designed. Since 2013, the most applications on the market are all Android operated and are available for downloading from the Google Play website. Android is also the most popularly used software platform in the world with use by over 71% of all the mobile app and software developers in the world.

A History of Android

Android, as a company, goes back to around 2003 when Andy Rubin, of Palo Alto, CA. Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White got together to design digital camera operating systems but realized that the market was already small and not likely to grow. So, they turned their attention to mobile applications to rival Windows and Symbian operating systems.

When Google acquired Android in 2005, people started to make assumptions that Google were about to enter the mobile phone sales market. The original team of Android were kept on at Google as developers and managers to oversee the development of the system. Android was going well until a hiccup happened in the form of the Apple iPhone being released. The iPhone was unveiled on January 2007 and it was a bit of a knock-back for Android, but they persisted in continuing their work. It also ended up giving them a little boost when they saw how the Apple iPhone worked and allowed them to navigate other ideas to rival that.

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