Four Ways Billing Software Can Improve Productivity for Law Firms

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Software

Every business today has increased productivity at the forefront of their management goals, and it is no different within the legal industry. Law firms of every kind are looking for ways to streamline the billing process, reduce the likelihood of billing mistakes, enhance security, and cut costs. Incorporating legal billing software into your law firm’s billing process is the simplest way to accomplish all four of these goals.

Easily Manage Billing Data of Several Clients at Once

Managing data is key when it comes to legal billing. With our online legal software, you can manage data for multiple clients at once on a user-friendly platform, or toggle between the information for different clients with the click of a button. The smart technology can help you keep track of trust fund and retainer activity and lets you know when a client’s retainer is starting to run low. It can even adjust to reflect differences in attorneys’ billing practices

Monitor Billable Hours More Efficiently

One of the leading reasons for legal malpractice lawsuits is improper billing. Legal billing software makes it possible for your firm to monitor billable hours reliably. Our legal software is so smart that it can remind your billing department of missed billable hours and expenses that may not yet be billed. Appointments and other hours worked for a specific attorney or client can be compared to the final bills, so you can make sure your firm hasn’t missed anything.

Rely on Secure Billing Software that Protects Information

Your information and that of your clients is safe and secure when your firm uses online attorney software. In addition to providing protection against common paperwork calamities, such as fire or theft, we also use an extremely secure password-protected system that virtually eliminates the chances of your data being hacked. You no longer need to worry about locking dozens of file cabinets and meticulously safeguarding the keys. In fact, you can safely access your records from any device with an Internet connection and still rest easy in the protection we provide.

Save Your Law Firm Time and Money

Back in the era of all-paper data, organizing and creating invoices for clients took a lot of time – and time means money. Electronic data is much simpler to organize, but online legal billing software cuts hours spent creating bills even further. Because the information is stored online, all your data is backed up in the event of a system crash at your office. You won’t have to waste valuable time trying to retrieve lost data or explaining to clients why they haven’t received their bills yet.

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