Five Benefits of Using a POS System to Help Run Your Business

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Software Company

Before computerized cash register or point-of-sale systems came about, fast food cashiers had to punch the actual digits of prices on registers, hoping they memorized how much each item cost. They would then post the physical orders on racks for cooks and stuffers to read. Today, POS systems are in wide use and offer several key advantages to restaurant operators. Following are just a few of them.

Easy to Use

Quick service POS systems are extremely easy to use. The menu items and combo meals are already programmed into the register, so the cashier only needs to push certain buttons. Subsequently, each order appears on a computer screen for crew members to read and fill orders.

Improves Accuracy

Today’s POS systems are much more accurate than conventional cash registers. This better ensures customers get the right orders. In fact, many details are recorded when orders are taken, including the identification of the cashier employee, the number of sales accrued each hour, and the number of items sold. Managers can even tell how much an employee is short or long on money after her shift.

Detailed Reporting

Once an order is taken on the quick service POS, a computer in the back office records the transaction. It then computes total sales, the proper amount of inventory that should be used for the amount of orders taken and total labor costs. This enables the manager to create various sales and inventory reports and know when it’s time to reorder certain items.

Gauge for Training Purposes

Because of its reporting capabilities, managers can use the POS system to monitor employees and determine whether they need additional training. If a stuffer is using too much lettuce for certain orders, for example, the manager can apprise the worker of the discrepancy. This can help improve the efficiency of all the workers.

Extra Services

Many companies that sell quick service POS systems provide 24-hour tech support, onsite training, new hardware, software installations, and even payroll deductions. This ensures the POS system continues to work both efficiently and continuously.

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