BYOD, CLoud Computing, and Computer Network in Denver

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Software

Computers make everything about doing business easier, faster, and more cost-effective in a wide variety of industries. Building a Computer Network in Denver for business can make it easier for nearly any kind of company to achieve more while spending less. There are as many different solutions as there are needs. Bring your own device, or BYOD, solutions create an infrastructure that requires only a fraction of the investment other systems require. Cloud computing is the latest way for businesses to operate without investing in expensive on-site hardware.

In the past a Computer Network in Denver would include desktop PC’s that could interact though a server. That server would host software, e-mails, and store data for terminals that employees would use to work. Modern solutions still utilize server, but they use them in a completely different way. Newer software is no longer limited to just a single device, or a single type of device. A server will host a program that can be accessed by tablets PC’s and other portable devices. Modern software is to be implemented in a much more effective way.

Companies are no longer limited to a large network of desktop computers. In fact, desktop PC’s are becoming less popular than ever. Tablet PC’s and portable devices have become powerful enough to replace desktop PC’s for everyday use. Creating spreadsheets, e-mailing coworkers, or video conferencing can be done with a phone or tablet PC. Building a Computer Network is nothing like it might have been in the past. Modern technology offers solutions that easily meet the needs of large or small businesses.

Managed It services have changed quite a bit too. Before cloud computing was a reality it was common for a business to lease a server from a service provider for e-mail hosting, or hosting a development environment. Just a few years ago managed hosting services were introduced. Businesses could rely on a service provider to maintain a server so that the IT staff of the company could operate an environment without having to invest in servers or other expensive hardware. Service providers have moved away from bare bones solutions and now offer everything at a flat monthly fee.

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