A Beginner’s Guide to Content Curation

by | Dec 30, 2013 | Software

Most website owners want their sites to be easily accessible and visible on search engine result pages, such as those for Google. Content curation is one of the many tools in the arsenals of website owners who are looking to market their sites and garner viewers/customers. Content curation is characterized by exactly what its name suggests – locating, selecting, and sharing relevant information. Whether you’re the owner of an educational website, or are trying to further your online business, content curation can help you construct attention-grabbing content and improve your SEO rankings.

Easily Accessible Content

The benefits of using content curation tools are numerous, as users have the ability to find, gather, and deliver information their website viewers will appreciate. We live in the age of information sharing, and any website that provides organized, focused information is likely to be appreciated by viewers. For example, if you manage a website that centers on baking, content curation will allow you to provide and cite written recipes, step-by-step videos, images, and more to viewers for improved information sharing and ease of access.

Expanding Your Site’s Reach

If you’re new to content curation, you probably have questions about the process and how it works. In most cases, content curation software packages are simple to operate, and many only require that you select a website and keyword to procure the information you need. Citing from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other well-known sites is a good way to improve SEO authority and find anything from useful hashtags, to status updates, to groups revolving around different industries.

Quality vs. Quantity

Other important aspects of content curation to keep in mind include organization and quality over quantity. Mindlessly sharing content without putting much thought into the layout of your website’s pages can hinder rather than your SEO rankings. It’s important to consider how each piece of information you add illustrates the point or focus of the page you’re updating. Mixing curated content and content you’ve written is also an intelligent method of boosting your site’s rankings and gaining favorability among visitors. Content curation, if used correctly, can spruce up original content tremendously and help website owners achieve greater online visibility.

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