3 Best Tips for Data Loss Prevention for Companies in America

Jan 7, 2020 by

There have been multiple data breaches in the past that have impacted companies all over the world. Hackers have even attacked stores and companies like Home Depot, Staples, and Target. These attacks have exposed millions of credit card numbers and other information that have put innocent consumers at risk. Any company could be next, including the one that belongs to you. With that being said, here are the best tips for data loss prevention:

1. Use Data Loss Prevention Software

Data loss prevention, also referred to as DLP, can help find and prevent various leaks by protecting all kinds of sensitive data while it’s being entered or stored into different parts of the cloud. DLP solutions will also prevent people from copying or sending over information that is sensitive without going through authorization. This is an important part of cloud DLP and cloud services as well.

2. DLP for Emails

DLP for Emails ensure that corporate emails get delivered to only the intended recipients, along with making sure the information sent will be seen by only those eyes. Secure Email Gateways are deployed to perform advanced DLP scanning of email subject, body and attachments, and protect the email content that are sent through the company email. Companies using cloud-based email services should explore Secure Email Gateways and DLP for Emails to ensure data protection and governance.

3. Password Implementation and Training

If you train employees to use strong and secure passwords that will greatly help things stay more secure. You should also require them to change or update their passwords on a regulasr basis, as this can help prevent hacks immensely. Make sure the passwords include a variety of characters, numbers, letters, and even symbols if possible.

As cloud-based collaboration and file sharing rapidly grows, you need assurance that the cloud does not become an avenue for dangerous data leaks. Before you can protect your data in the cloud, you first need to discover where data is going and how it’s being used. CipherCloud’s advanced DLP provides detailed and precise information about where your data is going and enforces context-aware policies to prevent and remediate problems. For more information on CipherCloud’s industry leading DLP solutions,

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