Why You Should Hire An SEO Consultant

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If you have a New York City based business, you need a strong online presence. This means you need to direct as many people as possible to your site. Sure, you understand that, but are you aware of why you need an SEO consultant? In NY, this is almost a given if you want to achieve even a modicum of success online.

What is an SEO Consultant?

SEO is the abbreviated form for search engine optimization. While a complex matter, at its core, it is the means through which you can attract new customers to your website. While you may think the simple addition of a few select search engine keywords can do it all, you are mistaken. In order to attract as many potential clients as possible, you need to hire someone who is completely versed in this field. You need to hire the services of an SEO consultant. In NY, there are many who occupy this employment niche – but few better than Jasmine Sandler, an awarded SEO consultant by the industry.

What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

Am SEO consultant in NY or elsewhere, is an expert in this field of “online research techniques”. Briefly, you can state his or her job is to help your company increase its presence on line. A search engine optimization consultant, talks to you and works with you to help make your site more visible. He or she:

* Talks to you to determine your goals for online marketing and your site
* Help you clarify your digital marketing strategy and indicates how it relates to current marketing trends
* Knows intimately your target market
* Recommends or implements the latest technology and tools to improve your online presence

Basic Methods to Increase Traffic

One basic method at his or her fingertips is the use of search engine keywords. They must be inserted prominently in:

* Titles of the site’s pages
* HTML code
* Website content

When implemented correctly, new qualified traffic will be directed to your site. This will improve your overall presence. Clients will be drawn to your site and it will rise in the Google page ratings which will further increase traffic by potential clients.

Another method is by employing links. If you hire a savvy SEO consultant in NY, they will be able to create the right links for your site. This will direct more traffic to your site. By creating a presence on such social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and YouTube the consultant can widen your base of potential customers. They can also provide you with some important business links and make your own website informative, while becoming less one-dimensional.

To accomplish this, you will have to work with the SEO consultant and be clear and honest about your company and its overall intent. Depending upon your contract, he or she will work on certain aspects of your site or address and make overall changes to it. While you or even some of your staff may question the hiring of an external SEO consultant in NY this is one means of ensuring you can create a strong and most important, ORIGINAL, presence on the internet – one that will draw the right kind of traffic and realize a positive return on the time, effort and money you have invested. If you think you need to get started with SEO now, book a free 15 Minute consult with Jasmine Sandler, SEO expert and see what she can do to help get your business on the top of the Google listings.

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