Why You Need Cloud Security Management Software

by | Aug 17, 2012 | Software

Cloud security management software is a sub division of computer security, network security and information security. The whole aspect of cloud security revolves around a broad set of technologies, policies and controls that help in protection of applications, data and the whole system that is commonly referred to in technical terms as cloud computing.

Cloud Security Solutions

However, it is important to note that cloud computing is different from security software that offers security that is cloud based. Cloud security management software is used to solve security issues under two main categories which include security issues that providers of cloud technology face when they are distributing their software, along with security issues faced by their clientele.

Protecting Public Cloud Services

Cloud technology providers will set up security around their infrastructure so that they protect their customer’s applications and data. It is also the duty of clients to keep checking whether providers have taken proper precaution to protect their info. As technology advances, cloud infrastructure is facing unique security concerns and hence the introduction of cloud security management software that helps the customer be more secure when they are on a public cloud service.

Dealing with Virtual Environments

When cloud technology gets virtualized, the relationship between the operating system and underlying hardware becomes altered and affects computing, storage and even networking. This alteration adds an additional layer of virtualization that needs to be properly configured, managed and secured so that virtualization becomes easy to use. Cloud security management software helps secure controls on assets, vulnerability risk on assessment matrices, and threat. Cloud security covers fourteen areas which are all distributed in three categories; compliance, security and privacy, and legal and contractual issues.

Importance of Cloud Security

Cloud security management software brings user friendly security to managers and offers flexibility required by IT departments. Proper cloud security providers offer physical access control systems that flawlessly integrate identity management including video surveillance across logical security systems and IT departments helping organizations better manage security facilities, workers in various offices, locations and buildings.

Web Based Solutions

Many companies that provide cloud security offer browser-based web applications which are accessible anytime, anywhere and can be operated by any standard web browser. Cloud security management software helps managers manage employee and visitor facility access quickly, easily from any location without them having to remain stationary in their work station, or having to keep paying for software licenses for every user.

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