Why Operational Logbook Software Is Replacing Traditional Paper Logbooks

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Software Company

Traditionally, chemical, electrical, and manufacturing plants recorded vital information on paper. Logs foster productivity by enabling communication between crews on different shifts. The information auditors need is contained in production logs. Electronic logbooks offer safeguards that paper logs cannot.


Everyone’s penmanship is different. Illegible records are of no use to anyone. Entries in an electronic log will always be readable no matter who makes the entry.


Ideally, a logbook will always be kept in its proper place for easy accessibility. The problem is that a paper log can be carried to another part of your facility and forgotten. The content of an E-log is always accessible to anyone anywhere within your facility.


It is an easy thing to tamper with a paper logbook. Entries can be forged or easily altered. Pages can accidentally or purposely be lost or destroyed creating gaps in information. Operations Logbook Software entries are time-stamped and preserved in the cloud, so they are always accessible.

Additional Advantages

If you own multiple plants E-log information from one plant is immediately available to all your plants. In addition to improving productivity, electronic logs make it easier to protect workers, the environment and equipment.

Easily Downloaded

E-logs do not require an IT department just internet access. There is no special software to buy or install.

Learn More

The Doozer Software line of products includes LogBook. LogBook features all the electronic logbook benefits named above. To learn more about Doozer Operations Logbook Software click here.

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