Intelligent Rack Solutions For Data Centers

Feb 10, 2014 by

For even an experienced IT professional technology can fickle. Investments need to be planned out carefully to create the optimal balance of performance gain and cost.¬† The latest processors and memory might be faster, but will it run efficiently enough to be able to create a profitable enterprise. While some investments can be difficult to justify, some just seem to make sense. Power consumption is the main issue when determining whether investing in new hardware is worth while, unless the new hardware makes operating a data more efficient in general. Some of the latest data center deployments include intelligent rack solutions, which incorporate servers into the racks themselves. By integrating servers into the racks OEM’s are able to create the most efficient solutions possible.

The power distribution units in the server racks are able to determine which hardware is using the most power, and distribute power more efficiently. An intelligent rack solution integrates itself into the software running the data center, which allows power distribution to be automated. Automation allows servers to run more efficiently, and helps remove human error for the operation of the data center. Errors lead to slow optimization, which leads to inefficient operation and power distribution. When power is distributed more efficiently there is less wasted energy. Back up power supply units will last longer if normal power goes down. Energy costs overall will be lower, creating a better profit margin. Running a data center on less power means lower cost of operations.

Efficiency is key to operating a cost effective data center. A server rack needs to run as lean and power efficient as possible, or the investment made in the hardware populating that rack could end being a waste. With the combination of intelligent power distribution, automated power solutions, an efficient OS, and a well thought out floor plan any data center can optimize cost of operation and make more money. Intelligent power distribution solutions are money saving investments that can change the way a data center operates, improving hardware life, reducing energy costs, and even making IT professional’s jobs easier for large scale operations.

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