Getting Noticed At A Showbiz Expo

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Business software

Preparing a booth or display at a Showbiz Expo is a terrific way to get your company and business noticed. It is also the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur or a startup company to market test a new product, service or idea or to promote something new.

However, in the sea of attendees and booths on the exhibition floor it can seem impossible to get your booth noticed. This may lead some companies and businesses to think you have choose costly options for promotion, but in there are some simple, low-cost options can really make your booth pop.

Add Some Focus

Dazzle can come in many forms when it comes to bringing attendees to your booth. Often a simple yet compelling image and motto on your background or backdrop to the booth will get people interested in learning more.

For example, our tagline is “Thank you for using small business” which certainly generates interest at a small B2B event. By utilizing branding, infographics, colorful and vibrant images, and stylized representations of your products it will naturally generate interest.

Dazzle can also include signage indicating “New Product”, “New Innovation”, “Groundbreaking Technology” or similar attention-getting promotional statements.

Use Color

We have found in our years of presenting at a variety of different Showbiz Expo events around the United States colorful displays tend to get more attention than those featuring monochromatic or bland and dark colors.

You can use dark colors as the background or the text component if you pair them with bright, vibrant colors to highlight an image, an infographic or your message. You can also choose to use flexible LED lights above the background to shine a light on just what you want people to notice.

Something Unique

When a booth at a Showbiz Expo offers something unique, which could be a unique giveaway item or the opportunity to try out a product or watch a demo, word quickly spreads around the event.

Some of the most popular booths provide an interactive element, which can include trying out a new product or simply having the opportunity to see a prototype of model.

We find visual elements in booths have the most impact. The more visually appealing your booth is the greater the interest will be. When you register for a booth at Small Business Expo we can also provide you with more information to get off to a great start.

To help generate some practical information for other businesses tell us some of the most impressive booths you have seen at a Showbiz Expo and what made them memorable.

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